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Now more than ever, we need a representative in Sacramento who understands our way of life and will fight to ensure our communities receive the support they need.


I strongly support prop 13 and will continue to fight any effort that destroys the safeguards we have that protect the rights of families, property owners and seniors.

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Democrat and Republican Primary Opponents Back Bonnie Garcia for Senate

Palm Desert, CA – State Senate candidate and former Assemblywoman, Bonnie Garcia announced that she has received bipartisan support from her primary challengers, Republican Bill Carns and Democrat Anna Nevenic. Their support confirms what many voters in the District already know – Bonnie Garcia has a long history working in a diverse community and is the best choice to represent Riverside County in the State Senate.

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Former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia Calls on Governor Jerry Brown to Declare State of Emergency on Immigration Crisis

Palm Desert- Today, former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia called on Governor Jerry Brown to declare a State of Emergency and to actively seek funding from the Federal Government in an effort to recover the costs for police, fire and medical services that have been forced onto communities with federal processing facilities as a result of the escalating immigration crisis.

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Senate Candidate Jeff Stone Bullies Motorist With Badge

Riverside County – County Supervisor, Jeff Stone’s contempt for the law and his lack of respect for police officers who put their lives on the line each day has finally come to light.

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